Products and Services

24 hours Medical Concierge Services

  • Recommend to the right doctor
  • Help to arrange doctor’s appointment
  • Accompany patients during consultation
  • Help to settle patient’s insurances administrations if needed
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Recommend hotels/apartments during patients and the family/caregivers during the stay in Singapore
  • Translator services
  • Help patient to extend their Visa / stay permit in Singapore
  • Help to do patient administration during the treatment

Contact Whatsapp :

  • +65 8459 6383 (Singapore)
  • +62 815 1461 2299 (Indonesia)

Health Screening Services

Our Health screening packages ready for your needs. Do contact us personally as health screening are depends on your ages, gender and your health concerns.

We will cater to your need about the health screening. As for International patients, we can arrange the video call review with the doctor after your health screening, in case you are rushing back home.

Contact Whatsapp :

  • +65 8459 6383 (Singapore)
  • +62 815 1461 2299 (Indonesia)

Item Tracking and Monitoring System

Real-time tracking of item uses, misplacements, theft, and damages. Instant configuration to start tracking items. No need to tag items using RFIDs.

Main Features

  1. Instant configuration. Just place the items to track on the container and click configuration button and done.
  2. Triggering a camera whenever an item is removed or added.
  3. Triggering alarm and status indicators when an item is missing, lost, or damaged.
  4. Recording events: time, items, and person.
  5. Access control using key switch.
  6. Apps for remote monitoring of item movements, misplacements, thefts, and misuse.
  7. The item tracker module can be attached to tool boxes and retail display boxes in various configurations.

Brochure/Datasheet DC-ITM

Mobile POS System for Schools and Shops

Receive payments at stores. Docentron POS system runs on PC and mobile devices including iPhone, Android phone and tablets. We can fully customise the POS system for our customers’ needs.

KOPO E-POS system on Kindergarten school (Gracefully Grace Preschool). The system provides cash sale, student enrollment, inventory management, class management, student management, teacher management, and accounting and reports.


Gracefully Grace Preschool


  • Product editor.
  • Inventory management.
  • Account receivable and payable transaction records.
  • School tuition fee payment products.
  • Integrated online payment systems allowing customers pay online.

Mobile & Games Applications

Docentron has developed +50,000 applications and games for school classroom activities: applications are available here. We use innovative Docentron cloud application factory and development platform Innovative Cloud Application Factory for fast turnaround application development.

Lightning Information Visualization System developed for KROMAX:

Docentron provides professional web and mobile application development:

  • Professionally designed.
  • Fast turn around using Docentron game and application development factory.

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Docentron Sensors

Docentron IoT Sensors

  • IoT Humidity and Temperature wireless sensors.
  • IoT Panic Emergency buttons
  • IoT Smoke sensors
  • Lighting sensors

Docentron Acron sensor is designed to detect, amplify, and filter sounds. These sensors sensitive enough to record bio-signals, such as breath, lung, heart, bowel sounds. It can be easily interfaced with mobile phones and tablets through the built in audio jacks of mobile phones and tablets.

Programmable Multi-sensor Acron Sensor Module for Temperature and Bio-signals.

  • 4 sensor ports
  • ECG sensor module
  • Temperature sensor module
  • Sound sensor module
  • Programmable chip
  • Free application
  • Easy to interface with any mobile phone: uses mobile phone headphone for interfacing

Bluetooth Wireless Acron Sensor

  • Supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
  • Battery operated wireless Bluetooth
  • Audio playback and monitoring.
  • Product Manual (PDF)

Multi-channel Smart Sensor Module for Mobile Phones. Fully assembled PCB with online software. Excluding shipping and taxes.


  • Four channel (available up to 16 channels) microphone inputs.
  • Low-noise sound amplifier with gain control.
  • Low-power programmable CPU for on-board data analysis.
  • Easily interface with mobile phones through an audio jack.
  • Free data capture and analysis applications.
  • Ideal for online health diagnosis, IoT projects, research and education purposes.
  • Product Manual (PDF)

Portable Acron Sensor

  • Compatible with Android mobile phones
  • Battery or external power through micro-USB cable
  • 2 channels (source selectable)
  • Gain control
  • Monitoring through ear phone jack
  • Product Manual (PDF)

Acron sensors are sensitive enough to allow health workers to record bio-signals such as bowel sounds, heart sounds, breathing sounds using mobile devices .

The sound quality is comparable to expensive alternatives. Here is a sound sample collected using an Acron sensor and a mobile phone:

Acron sound sensor module features:

  • Low noise sound amplifier.
  • Two microphone inputs with selectable sources.
  • Stereo sound output for monitoring.
  • Adjustable gain.
  • Battery operated.
  • Optional external power input through micro USB connector.
  • Standard 5-pole male audio jack. Directly connectable to mobile phones.

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Docentron Learning Support System

Exceptionally entertaining learning system. Game Based Learning made easy by Docentron Learning System.

Docentron learning and teaching support system provides all the tools for teachers and students. See a free hosting site.

  1. Secure file repository for teachers and students with 24/7 access.
  2. Games applications for creating game based education materials.
  3. Learning material management
    1. Create subject and lesson pages
    2. Host multimedia materials
    3. Create surveys for students
    4. Create quiz for class activities
    5. Automated quiz system powered by Lucy AI.
  4. Online chat system for student support.
  5. Customizable automated tutoring system. Lucy AI guides students to achieve goals.

Free to use here for both commercial and non-commercial education institutes.

We also provide customized Mobile Education sites.

  • $500 for customized site setup.
  • $20/month for hosting a custom site for up to 500 students.
  • $900/month for up to 1000 students.
  • Free training sessions.

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Product Research and Development

Launch your ideas today, not tomorrow.

Have a great idea, but don’t know how to start? We can help you realize your products to market in no time. Please call us to start immediately. We provide services from your sketches to market

  • Product research and development
  • Patent the products to protect your ideas
  • Prototyping, evaluation and market test
  • Manufacturing
  • Online sales
  • Marketing

Our consultants include not only technicians and engineers, but also industry experts such as

  • Medical doctors
  • Bankers
  • Sales managers

Our top consultants have worked for multinational companies like Samsung, LG, HSBC, and Prudential.

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PCB Design

Starting from only $500 for 10 cm by 10 cm PCB. Includes PCB design and 3D modeling of the PCB. Clients will receive 3D models for the PCB design to evaluate.


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3D Design and Prototyping



Professionally designed 3D models for products.

3D printing

  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) starting from $150 for 10 cm by 10 cm blocks.
  • Stereolithography (SLA). High precision resin printing.

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