Mobile Health Systems

Docentron mobile health system is a suite of cloud computing infrastructure, bio-medical sensors, and mobile applications. It includes diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment management systems for aged health care and infectious disease control.

A respiratory health system provides respiratory health information based on breathing sounds recorded by using computers, mobile phones, and digital recorders. The system detects various types of respiratory health problems such as pneumonia, flu, bronchitis, and colds. The system also supports detecting general respiratory problems for all ages. Record breathing sound using your computer or mobile phone and upload the sound file to receive diagnosis results and statistics of the breathing sound.


Breath sounds can be easily recorded using a handsfree microphone, which usually comes with mobile phones. Users can upload the sound file using our mobile applications.


Users can record breathing sound directly using our mobile application.


Simply place the microphone under the nose without touching the nose. The recording will automatically start if it detects breathing sound. Use the spectrum chart to monitor the number of breathing sounds and the length of the sound.


Users can view the results by clicking on “View Result” button.